2017 Sage Awards Photo Gallery

Larry and Jeanette Mueller with Charles Zammit (Sage Award nominee)
Richard McMeekin, Jr., Robin M. Piers, LT Dick McMeekin (Sage Award nominee), Reilly Pelkey
Rebecca Jacques and Paula Hundt
Nicki and David Schoonover
Trish Mallin and Deane and Marty Blazie. Deane Blazie was Honorary Chair of the 2017 Sage Awards.
Ana Garcia-Davis, Rosa Garcia, Charlie Ripper, Dolores Ripper (Sage Award nominee), Ashlyn White, Sandy Ripper Brown, Adrienne Justi, Anita Mosiman, Karen Ripper, Jennifer Timmerman and Stephen Ripper
Fred and Donna Teuscher (Sage Award nominee)
Agnes Duncomb, Dr. David L. Anderson, winner of the Professional Services award, and Ruth Stubbs
Elmira Gainey, winner of the Public Service Award, and her nominator, Jane Cornett
Jane Cornett and Michael Donnelly
Dennis S. Hudson III, Wendy Hudson and Dennis S. Hudson Sr.
Gertrude Rodgers, Chairman of the Council on Aging of Martin County
Hedy Rogers and Bobbi Corzine (Sage Award nominee)
Dolores Ripper (Sage Award nominee) and Charlie Ripper
Margaret and Evans Crary Jr. (past Sage Award winner)
Deborah Owens, Vianne Nichols (past Sage Award winner) and Sheila Kurtz
Jennifer Braisted and Doris Sanders (Sage Award nominee)
Rev. and Mrs. Gary Merritt
Peter Jones, David L. Smythe (winner of the Chairman's Award) and Jennifer Jones
Carolyn and William Michaud
Lisa Bebout and David Smythe, winner of the Chairman’s Award
Morteza Khatib, Georgianna and Dr. Reza Khatib, winner of the Healthcare and Health Services award, Maryam Zarif and J. Robert Cataldo
Michael and Kelly Senchak
Elmira Gainey and Deidre Gainey
Ann and Joseph Day, flanking the logo for the newly renamed Joseph C. and Ann S. Day Medical Center
Joyce and Jim Olsen (Sage Award nominee)
Marie Jureit-Beamish (winner of the Service to the Arts award) and Bill Beamish
Karen Rodgers and Frank Byers Jr.
Wendy Lees and Debra Harsh, Sage Award nominee
Clement Norris, Rosalie Norris and Loretta Bradley
Lavine Wrigley, Jim Balenseifer (Sage Award nominee) and Jennifer Esler
Mary B. Shaw (Sage Award nominee), Steve Shaw and Nancy Burdick
Mr. and Mrs. Peraino
Kathy (Sage Award nominee) and Bob Lisi
Mary T. and Dale M. Hudson
Susan and Bill Clifford
John Doody, Susan and Bill Clifford
Lida Arneborg and Betty Hardwick
Lillian Giffin, Sarah Armellini (Sage Award nominee), Richard Armellini, Raynell Milear and Roberta Moore
Sarah and Rev. Glenford Hutchinson (Sage Award nominee)
Ellen Asselin (Sage Award nominee) and Crystal Collier
Ross Weaver, Sally Voss, Dr. Howard E. Voss, winner of the Charlie Kane Award, Chuck Cleaver and Jean Weaver
Karen Ripper and David L. Smythe after he accepted the Chairman's Award
Karen Ripper and Elmira Gainey after winning the Public Service Award
Karen Ripper with Dr. Howard E. Voss after winning the Charlie Kane Award
Karen Ripper and Irwin Stovroff after he accepted the Human Services award
Karen Ripper and Dr. Robert Anderson after he accepted the Professional Services award
Karen Ripper and Dr. Reza Khatib after he won the Healthcare and Health Services award
Karen Ripper and William Michaud. Mr. Michaud accepted the Healthcare and Health Services award on behalf of Dr. Barbara Bush.
Karen Ripper and Gytha Von Aldenbruck after she accepted the Community Service award
Karen Ripper and Marie Jureit-Beamish after she accepted the Service to the Arts award
David Smythe and Madison Bailey
Dr. Reza Khatib and Morteza Khatib
Paula Hundt and Dolores Ripper
Rev. Todd Cederberg, Dennis S. Hudson Jr., Dale M. Hudson, winner of the Faith-Based Service award, Mary T. Hudson and Mary B. Shaw, Sage Award nominee
Larry and Jeanette Mueller with Charles Zammit (Sage Award nominee)