We are always happy and proud to share comments from those who know us best:  the clients who come to the Adult Day Club, and their families and caregivers.  It is our honor and privilege to serve them.

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful care of my mother, Mildred Nash. My mother is 87 with dementia. She lives with me and has lost interest in most things. But when she goes to the Kane Center, she interacts with people her age and it has been a blessing.

I would not have known about the Kane Center, as we were new to this area but a friend named Donna Furst not only told me about your wonderful facility but took me to one of your Caretaker seminars. It was an eye opener, just what I needed.

Words cannot express the appreciation I have for the compassionate people who work there.Thank God for an organization like yours.

Janice Shockley, Daughter and Caregiver


"Our experience at the Kane Center has been fabulous.  From the caregivers side and from Connie's side the dedication, friendliness and the professionalism shown by everyone we have met has been very meaningful.  The entire community should be very grateful to the Kane Center and its people."

John, Husband and Caregiver

“I would like to tell everyone what the Kane Center means to our family. My name is Deborah Hofmann. My husband Tim Hofmann has been going to the Kane Center for a long while now. He loves going and looks forward everyday to seeing his friends and the wonderful Staff. They have art lessons, brain teasers and puzzles, games, field trips, exercise sessions, he loves it all. You should hear him talk about the food. Professional chefs prepare healthy, balanced, and a variety of hot lunches he loves to tell me about in detail every day. The impact the Kane Center has made on my husband is absolutely amazing. The once depressed, lost person is in the past. He is happy, more alert and outgoing. I can never repay the Kane Center but I will be their best cheerleader and tell everyone I know how wonderful we think they are. I thank God everyday for the Staff, and are so grateful they gave my husband back to me. I will be forever grateful.”

Deborah Hofmann, Wife and Caregiver

"There should be a Kane Center all over America with kind and helpful people working for them.  I like coming here and being with people. I have made friends here. I enjoy the exercises and the discussions and the games and music.  And, I like riding the bus and the art classes. Its a wonderful place to come to and I wish other people had a good place like I do."

Donna G., Day Club Client

"My mom, Violet, is new to the Kane Center Adult Day Care Club. Mom is 96 yrs. old and has never played Bingo or done any art projects. To my surprise, mom came home with a designer hand bag she won playing Bingo, and she is bragging about a landscape scene she drew. I saw a picture of her art and I am very proud of what she has accomplished in her first attempt with crayons and an art brush.

Thanks to the staff of the Adult Day Care Club, for opening new doors for your club members, you have shown my mom that she still has a lot to live for and a lot more to do. Mom is happy and so am I. Thanks a million."

Pat, Daughter and Caregiver
"I am happy to be asked to talk about the Kane Day Club  For me personally it has saved my sanity.  I bring my husband there everyday knowing that he is safe, well attended, and best of all happy.  He is very willing to go each day. The program is varied enough to be interesting and yet routine enough to be secure for the clients. He has a great interest in music of any sort and there is lots of it at the center. It gives me time to do other tasks, take care of myself too and relieves a lot of the stress of 24/7 caregiving.
The best part of the Kane Day Club is the staff.  To a person they are interested in the clients.  They know each person and work with them in a positive way. It is obvious that they  care and like being there, you can see it in their faces, always a quick smile and kind word.
I asked my husband what he thought was best about the center. He gave me four words: community, focus, organization and belonging. WOW!"

Patty G., Wife and Caregiver

"Cheers for the Adult Day Club at the Kane Center.
If you have been looking for a great place (for you or a loved one) to spend the day, your search is over. It not only provides a safe, welcoming and cheerful atmosphere, but bus service, a small continental breakfast, a hot lunch, numerous activities, plus the opportunity to make new friends.
First, you will be greeted warmly and ushered to a table where you can converse with fascinating people from all walks of life. Next, you will honor this country by saluting the U.S. flag and sing the "Star-Spangled Banner." Then, you either will move to one group where you will exercise or another where you will have a less strenuous work out.
If you prefer, you can sit and read, or just rest. The beauty is that whatever you choose to do, the marvelous staff will accommodate your desire, and needs throughout the day. I am writing for two reasons: 1. To share this gem I discovered, and 2. Because before I retired most of my job was to judge people's work. So, this is how I would grade the Adult Day Club at the Kane Center: A+++ in all categories.
Their entire staff is superb, stressing safety, professionalism and every other positive attribute one can think of. My only disappointment is that I didn't find it sooner."
Krista M., Day Club Client
"Three years ago my husband suffered a stroke that triggered vascular dementia.  I was immediately thrust into the role of full-time caregiver and provider.  Fortunately, the V.A. told us about the Kane Center's Adult Day Club.  What a treasure they have proven to be.  It's a remarkable patient-centered haven with a devoted staff. Their personal attention and program of varied activities has helped my husband regain and maintain skills for daily living.  I have peace of mind while at work, knowing he is safe and being treated with kindness and respect.  I wouldn't be able to work full-time without this provision.  I can't say enough positive things about the Kane Center's Adult Day Club.  My husband and I would not have the quality of life we enjoy without them.  I'm truly grateful for each and every person at the Center."
Donna F., Wife and Caregiver
"I have come to the Club on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for a long time.  I wish to commend all the staff and volunteers for the wonderful job they are doing.  The staff is very friendly and helpful to all of us.  They make our visits a wonderful experience.  I have never heard a bad word spoken about any of the people who work there. We sometimes have a tendency to complain about things, but I have never heard a complaint about the Kane Center.  Keep up the excellent work!"
Roger D., Day Club Client


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