Honorary Chair

In honor of Charlie Kane, the inspiration of the Sage Awards, the Council created the Charlie Kane Award to recognize the most rare of individuals who dedicate their lives to fulfill the needs of communities, and even that of our whole society. These rare individuals, regardless of age and career or life paths, pursue goals and opportunities that specifically help people to live well. For Charlie, that need was an increase in support and services for seniors via the creation of a senior center in Stuart. For our 2016 Charlie Kane Award recipient, Deane Blazie, this need includes increasing support, care, and technology that benefit the blind community.

The Council on Aging of Martin County is proud to have Deane Blazie a part of the Sage Awards yet again, as the 2017 Sage Awards Honorary Chair. Deane won this lifetime achievement award for committing his life to providing support to the blind. At the age of 16 years old, Deane met a blind man, Tim Cranmer, in his hometown of Frankfort, Kentucky, who needed help on weekends. Deane worked for Mr. Cranmer on Saturdays, doing odd jobs like paying bills, reading the mail, fixing household problems, and building electronic circuits. This part time job led to a passionate career for Deane, combining his love for electronics and his philanthropic interests in serving the blind.

In 1976, Deane was selected as one of the “Ten Outstanding Men in America” by the U.S. Jaycees for his development of a scientific calculator for the blind. That same year, Deane co-founded Maryland Computer Services, Inc., and served as the company’s president until he founded Blazie Engineering, ten years later, to produce low-cost computer devices for the blind.

Blazie Engineering became the leading company in the world for technology for the blind.  He headed initiatives for Braille ‘n Speak – a pocket-sized computer for the blind – and for the Braille Blazer, an affordable, portable computer-controlled Braille printer. Since Deane’s retirement, he has continued his life mission to aid the blind through developing a new mobile device, Braille to Go.  He also serves as a volunteer for the Center for Braille Innovation, National Braille Press, and National Federation of the Blind. Later this year, Deane will be awarded the 2016 Hands-On Award at this year’s National Braille Press Gala.

Just as Charlie Kane achieved through his impact on seniors, Deane also reflects the mission of the Council by helping the blind live well at any age by providing technology, leadership, and continued support to help this group remain independent and living in a home-like environment.


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