Memory Screenings

Memory Screenings will be held:
Friday, January 5
Thursday, January 25
Friday, February 16
Tuesday, February 27
These screenings are performed by the Brain Matters Research organization and take approximately 20 minutes to conduct. They involve asking the individual questions involving orientation, recall, language, attention, etc.  The screenings are geared to help individuals know if they are experiencing memory loss as it relates to cognitive deficits.  Appointments must be scheduled in advance by calling 772-223-7800.


Openings Now Available in Our Adult Day Club!

Openings are now available in our Adult Day Club.  To learn more or schedule a personal tour, call 772-223-7843 today!

Kane House Calls - Bringing Quality Medical Care Home to You!

If it's difficult for you to get to the doctor, the Day Medical Center will send a team member to you. Our House Calls program is now available for those who qualify.  
Call 772-223-7864 to learn more!